A Loner’s Guide to Surviving Valentine’s Day

By Sanjana Shenoy and Isha Chakraborty If you don’t have someone special to spend this Valentine’s Day with, fear not little one; the answer to all your problems is probably NETFLIX. Like seriously though, who needs a girlfriend or boyfriend when you can sit at home in your comfy bed with food and a big ol’ blanket, having a netflix movie marathon. If Netflix isn’t an option, you can always have a major dance party by yourself and jam out to your favorite tunes after you do your homework of course. If you’re all out of ideas for the perfect song … Continue reading A Loner’s Guide to Surviving Valentine’s Day

It’s Time to Find a Valentine

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, aunties and uncles….now is the time to purchase a Valentine Gram for that special someone. Stuck in an arranged marriage that you don’t want? Get a Valentine Gram to lighten the mood and finally spark the love! Fear of being alone on V-Day? Get over your anuptaphobia with a Valentine Gram for the one you have your eye on. Valentine Grams are now on sale. Get yours before it’s too late. Options are: Glowstick and Card – $1 Chocolate Kisses – $1 Crush (get it?) Soda – $1 Rose – $2 Teddy Bear and … Continue reading It’s Time to Find a Valentine