6 Reasons You NEED to Sign Up for Junior High Flag Football

Author: YT

-Sign up online! Tryouts are Wednesday!

All is new this year; new school, new classes, and always the sweet promise of new clubs. Mr.Bostaph invites you to take part in flag football this year and become part of the inaugural season. Girl or boy, tall or short, this team will offer an opportunity to take a breather from school and try something you haven’t before. So sit back and read six of the many reasons to be on the junior high flag football team, including words from Mr.Bostaph himself.

  1. You don’t acually have to be the best flag football player to make the team. After asked what to expect at tryouts, Mr.Bostaph mentioned that students will go through a series of drills and exercises, and that the ideal player won’t necessarily be extremely experienced in the sport. Instead, he will be looking for players who have sportsmanship like characteristics and potential to build in the future.
  1. Eliminate open time for boredom! Sure it’s nice to bask in the free time, but why not enjoy some time out of the house and away from school!
  1. Learn from a long time flag football player himself! Mr.Bostaph played for years and has truly always loved the game. Plus, it’s always more enjoyable to be part of a sport that your coach has experience in playing and a personal passion for.
  1. Become part of a great team and get to know your teammates. The team will range from grades 6 through 8, but this just goes to prove that you are never too old or too young to meet new friends!
  1. The sport provides an amazing source of exercise. Flag football is quite the active recreational sport that keeps you constantly on your feet and running around.
  1. IT’S FUN! So what if this is the most cliché or obvious reason to join the team? Think about it, why do you like your favorite subject or hobby?

Mr.Bostaph decided to start flag football this year with the inspiration of seeing students playing football in the old courtyard last year. He ultimately began the thought of giving the students a team to count on. “Starting a new team is like moving a large boulder, you need that inertia to get it moving and then it will keep going from there,” said Mr.Bostaph. Be the one to push the boulder! Sign up, tell your friends, and be the voice for the team.

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