Top 8 Nintendo Protagonists

by Joseph Aboudi

There are so many great Nintendo protagonists, so these are in no particular order.

Mario: This little guy is the face of the franchise, despite his lack of any challenge in his games. Everybody loves a good Mario impersonation, and Mario games do a lot of things right.

Kirby: My favorite pink puff-ball can copy abilities from his enemies, and has great allies, level design, and plot to back him up. I’ve never played a “bad” Kirby game per-say, but i hate the newest addition to the series.

Link: This hero with a famous tunic has great games and an almost creepy silence through all of his games. Maybe his voice was trapped in a bottle or something… Those grunting noises don’t mean anything, at least I hope not.

Pokemon Trainer: This fan-favorite protagonist differs through the regions, and remains silent. However, he still has a character, based on whatever you want him to be.

Fox: This fox has a rocket ship, but is a major hot head. However, the game makes up for this, and Fox is a favorite among many.

Olimar- This little spaceman has a developed game story line in which you choose your own fate, and collect things to bring back to your home planet. My favorite game in the series is Pikmin 3, because you can change into 3 different characters for harder puzzles.

Donkey Kong Although this ape doesn’t have too many games of his own, all of his games are pretty much high-caliber and are respected among many.

Samus- This fair-skinned female hero has only a couple of games, but they happen to be some of the best games of all time.  Oh boy, it was a surprise when you beat the first Metriod game and found out that Samus was female.



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