Top 10 TV Show Intros

By Andrew Thran

There are some TV shows you just can’t skip the intro. Here are the best ones.

10. The Walking Dead – This intro shows grayed and worn images of post apocalyptic life. Most images are the places the group has gone.

9. The Twilight Zone – Being a weird show, it also has a weird intro. This black and white intro has a creepy sound playing over a narration.

8. Dexter – This one is more graphic due to the theme of the TV show. This one shows Dexter going through his daily routine.

7. The Simpsons – Everybody knows this one. The beginning part is always the same but there is always a skit for the couch part. Due to the long running of the show it has changed alot since the original intro.

6. Family Guy – Similar to the Simpsons intro, this one differs by the music having accompanying lyrics to the good music.

5. Sopranos – This intro focuses less on the visuals, which is the main character driving around doing stuff, but on the music.

4. Mad Men – This one shows the main character jump and fall of a building but in this cool animation with lots or red. It is a sort of foreshadow to the last season(probably).

3. Friends – I put this one here for it’s iconic status. Now, everybody associates this theme with the 90’s.

2. Game of Thrones – This theme really captures the feel of the show. It is epic and the visuals are pretty cool.

1. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – This one is a short rap by Will Smith, which is actually really good, then a cool visual sequence that is also funny.

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