Hair Styles to try this Spring!!

By Bhumika Phanindra and Amrutha Chethikattil

Hey guys! It’s officially Spring as of today and so our posts are now official. This week we are going to be writing about different kinds of hair styles and accessories to go with it! These are generally year round styles, but we specified what we thought would work specifically for spring.

1. Braids

Braids are timeless, but there are easy ways to spice it up.

Fishtails are pretty simple. You divide the hair into two equal pieces, and pull a strand from either side and over to the other half. It’s a quick and easy braid if your on the go.


Waterfall is a bit more complex, so I have a little hack for you guys. First take a section of your hair from the top and braid it around to your crown, and pin it back. Take little strands of hair behind the brain and tuck it through the middle. Keep doing that all the way around till you get to the end of the braid, voila!


Crown Braids are for more elegant occasions and take more time than you might expect. Start by dividing your hair into two sections and braid one all the way down to the end. Bring the braid over your head, covering your ear, and secure with pins (take as many as you need) behind or under the braid away from sight. Braid the second piece of hair all the way down. Take that braid and wrap it over your head all the way over, so that the end of the second braid should cover the end of the first. Tuck the end of the second behind the first so that both are now hidden. Secure this with pins. Use bobby pins to tidy up any loose hairs.


4. Buns

tumblr_mf3ebi8hIL1qd22pjo1_500    french-braid-messy-bun

There are many different types of buns, messy buns, elegant buns, the list goes on. Messy buns go great with casual outfits when you don’t feel like doing hair fancy. If you want to spice it up a little bit, you can add a little braid leading up to your bun.

3.Bows/ Flower Crowns

Of course the perfect hair accessories for spring would be bows and flower crowns. This kind of style definitely isn’t for everyone, but they do make great tumblr pictures :P. Big bows look great alongside big buns. Small bows can be incorporated into any kind of braid, or even just clipped along the side. When choosing a flower crown, pick a few basic colors that look good together, rather than a whole rainbow of shades. There are also great tutorials for both you might want to check out rather than buying them.





Hope you liked our post this week! Comment below if you have any suggestions for next week, it will add on to our chain of spring posts! See you next week!

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