Biggest NFL Free Agent Signings

by Samihan Dani

Jimmy Graham

Jimmy Graham left New Orleans and signed with the Seattle Seahawks to join Luke Wilson.

Reggie Bush

After staying with the Lions for 2 seasons Reggie Bush signed with the 49ers.

Mike Wallace

The Vikings traded a 5th round pick for Mike Wallace and a 7th round pick from the dolphins.

Percy Harvin

The Bills signed Percy Harvin for a 1 year deal. He has been on 3 teams in the last year.

C.J. Spiller

The Saints have signed C.J. Spiller to join Mark Ingram and Khirky Robinson.

Demarco Murray

Demarco Murray signed with the Cowboy’s arch-rival, the Eagles, for a five year $42 million contract with $21 million guaranteed .

Darren McFadden

The Cowboys have signed Darren McFadden for 2 years to replace Demarco Murray.

Vince Wilfork

New England cut  Wilfork right before free agency and with many long time coaches in Houston he chose the Texans. The five time pro bowler will take some pressure of J.J. Watt.

Julius Thomas

The star Tight End on the Broncos is moving to the Jaguars on a 5 year 46 million dollar contract 24 million guaranteed.

Frank Gore

The veteran running back is going to Indy on a 3 year $12 million contract  8.5 guaranteed.

Jeremy Maclin

Having the most recieving yards on the Eagles team Jeremy Maclin reunites with former Eagles coach in Kansas CIty.

Andre Johnson

The veteran wide reciever signed a 3 year $21 million contract with the Colts.

Antonio Cromartie

Antonio Cromartie is going back to the Jets.

Ndamukong Suh

Ndamukong Suh had a great season and put pressure that no other defensive end can do. He signed a  6 year $114 million contract with $60 million guaranteed.



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