10 Words to Use to Make You Sound Smarter

by Nita Kulkarni

In school, we are forced to learn vocab words through our vocabulary books. I’m sure you have asked yourself at least once, “Why do we have to learn these?” The answer is: to increase your vocabulary and knowledge. Well, here are a few words to make you sound smarter and seem like yo have studied those vocab books front and back.

1) acrimony

Definition: bitterness

Example: The argument ended in acrimony.


2) bravado

Definition: an act of being bold intended to impress someone or intimidate

Example: As we ventured through the cave there were false bravados, but everyone was actually terrified.


3) ennui.  Pronounced “änˈwē”

Definition: boredom

Example: The endless lecture produced an unbearable ennui.


4) elan

Definition: enthusiastic vigor or liveliness

Example: He made it his business to know all the celebrities and collectors by name, and he handled crowds with the elan of a diplomat.


5) cloying

Definition: excessively sweet or sentimental

Example: The creek is flanked on both sides by wide expanses of cloying brown mud。


6) ogle

Definition: look at with amorous intentions

Example: They mill round the port and potter round the streets; they ogle the multi-million dollar yachts trying to recognize the people on board。


7) oblivion 

Definition: the state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening

Example: What worries me more is the prospect of our slang and usage falling into oblivion as a direct result of neglect.


8) quid pro quo

Definition: this for that

Example: Delivering nasty gossip about your brother is the quid pro quo for learning what a pig your cousin is.


9) stoic

Definition: unaffected by pleasure or pain

Example: His extraordinary, stoic bravery earned him unconditional tributary awe from the Establishment.


10) suave

Definition: having a sophisticated charm

Example: Neal Caffrey’s suave ways help him charm his way into getting what he wants. #WhiteCollar

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