Top 10 Instrumental Theme Songs

These are the most famous and recognizable theme songs from movies. These are going to be only instrumental themes.

10. Back to the Future – This theme song has a sense of adventure which fits this movie perfectly.

9. Jaws – This theme song’s very low strings sets the mood for the movie with a very scary looming presence.

8. 007( James Bond) – I like this theme song because of the use of guitar and other odd instruments. It has been used in every James Bond movie since Dr. No in 1963.

7. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly – This theme song has 3 unique sounds to each of the 3 characters. Clint Eastwood has a flute, the other guy has an ocarina, and the last guy has vocals.

6. Jurassic Park – This theme is very adventurous and trilling, just like the movie.

5. The Godfather – This theme song sounds sadder and more eerie than all the others.

4. Rocky – The most energizing theme song ever.

3. Indiana Jones – This song is made of two parts the adventurous part and the romantic part.

2. Superman –  This theme song represents Superman perfectly. It has an exiting action part and romantic part.

1. Star Wars – Powerful, good instrumentation, heard throughout the movie.

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