The Perfect Week(end) Getaway

By Adithy Hassan

“In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.”

Looking for the perfect week(end) getaway, but are struggling on what to pack in your suitcase and want to avoid checking in baggage? Well I’m here to lighten the load, and make sure you are readily prepared for the most perfect spring break vacation ever.

Packing your suitcase: Weather, longevity, activities, area, and comfort level are jut a few factors you want to keep in mind while choosing the clothes you want to bring along with you.

  • You always want to keep in mind suitcase measurements if you’re planning to travel through airplane as well.
  • I would pack a maximum of 3 shoes depending on the activities you will be performing and the events you will be attending.
  • Choose clothing pieces that would compliment other pieces to increase the amount of variation in your overall presence.
  • Statement pieces such as a knit Burberry scarf can be the perfect bold piece to all of your outfits.
  • Roll up your clothes (instead of folding them) to cover less surface area of your suitcase.

Road trip essentials:

  • All the junk food you can fit in your car because road trips are the time to splurge
  • A few pillows and a blanket if you want to take a nap
  • Your iPod to keep from constant squabbling on which radio station to play
  • Your iPad or phone to reach a new high score on your favorite games

Airplane ride essentials: 

  • Magazines/Books/or any reading material to keep you entertained throughout the flight
  • A notepad and pen or pencil to sketch out those creative doodles as you ponder upon life in that minuscule seat
  • Your iPod and headphones to block out the screaming kid behind you
  • A small snack like a bag of pretzels or apples for a quick boost of energy
  • iPad or your phone so you can dominate in Candy Crush or Piano Tiles
  • A jacket or coat to use as an alternate blanket source on the plane
  • A pack of gum since it can help pop your ears after reaching a high altitude

I hope you guys have a fun and relaxing spring break (especially with these tips!) Till next to next week, XOXO Adithy.

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