Students Versus Teachers?

By Maya Devineni

BASIS’ hallways have been filled with lots of excitement from our Annual Teacher Fund, there have been eating challenges, dodge ball games, kidnapping of our teachers, and soon to come our scavenger hunt, and Students vs. Faculty Basketball game! If you weren’t there to witness the fun, then read on!

The eating challenges: There were eating challenges in every single lunch, they consisted of eating two ice cream sandwiches, finding bubble gum at the bottom of a bowl full of flower, and lastly chugging down one full can of root beer using a straw. For the bubble gum and the root beer challenge you were not allowed to use your hands. Some highlights of the challenges were Mr. Cole won both the ice cream and the root beer challenge. Some students from that lunch were all saying “Mr. Cole was just chuggin’ that root beer so fast, and his face was turning so red!”

Kidnap the Teacher: 8 Tin, 8 Cesium, and 6 Potassium all raised the most money, leaving them each to choose a teacher they want to “kidnap.” In 8Sn they kidnapped Mr. Cullop, in 8Cs they kidnapped Mr. Rossow, and in 6K they kidnapped Mr. Hanson. Some of the kids said “It was so funny, Mr. FritzMiller came dressed as a medieval warrior, and caution taped my teacher to chair and then rolled him away.” The class then ate doughnuts and watched America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Dodge Ball Game: The Dodge Ball game was really fun, although us students were all piled over each other to get a view its was still something you didn’t want to have missed. It was a tie at the end: 2-2. Mr. FritzMiller said “The game was really fun before and after I got hit in the face!” Also Mrs. Kirk said with a smile, “It was definitely a thrilling experience, but I felt like the students were trying to physically harm me.”

The Student vs. Faculty Basketball game will be on April 2nd, be sure not to miss out. Also the Scavenger Hunt will be held today (March 6th) after school.







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