Mix and Match!

By Bhumika Phanindra, Amrutha Chethikattil

Hey guys! Last week I posted the first article for our upcoming spring season. This week we are going to start off with some colors and patterns we can play around with and make the best put together outfits in season. Lets get started!

1. Floral (obviously…)

elegant_vintage_floral_victorian_pink_roses_invitation-r6e4ad1dda01c40a5b758876037a57a59_8dnrb_8byvr_512   download

For the first pattern, as you can see it has a much darker vibe so when incorporating this into an outfit, keep in mind you’re looking more towards the grunge side. If on a skirt, make sure to wear a solid color already present in the pattern (maybe a less dominant one) for the top. If on a dress, pair with some cute black flats or heels. If on a top, you can pair it with black or light washed jeans that contrast. Or you can wear it with a solid colored skirt that doesnt draw from the pattern.

For the second pattern, it’s leaning towards a much classier, girlish side. Same goes as above, but keep in mind you might want to contrast with the lighter colors, so keep your options open. Just don’t wear anything that distracts from the pattern.

2.  Aztec Patterns

1872608_stock-photo-abstract-geometric-seamless-aztec-pattern-colorful-ikat-pattern    25bac795d0192dcfa514f282c9ef647c

This is a year round pattern, but to distance yourself from winter Aztec, try to find brighter shades. Here are a few examples of patterns that would work for spring. You could incorporate these designs into a top or a bottom. Like the floral, take solid colors that are already shown in the pattern to pair with as a top or bottom. Keep in mind, the point of all these prints is to express yourself, so don’t be too afraid to try something out if you think it’ll look good.

3.  Lace/Fringe

This is year round again, but when the whether warms up, we all love to wear a little lace.

cute-fashion-flowers-lace-Favim.com-527967    tumblr_lz5lxjc4Tt1r7mw7go1_500_large

Most associate lace with dresses, but there are many fun ways to add lace into your outfit. For example, lace shorts are in (a little added fringe wont hurt anyone) and now since its heading into springtime, you can take advantage. Like you see in the second picture, they have added lace to the back of a denim top, and you can look for this (or you can add it yourself as a fun DIY project).


For a classier look, you could always go with a nice lace dress. This is obviously not something you’ll find at your local department store, but you get the idea, if you are looking for something this fancy now that Prom is also nearing, we recommend Windsor or Nordstrom for options.


Hope you guys like our post! Look for all of my upcoming posts on spring fashion tips and tricks. Remember to comment below 🙂                  See you next week!!


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