Lenovo’s Adware Mess-Up

By Nishat Khan

If you’re a Lenovo user, and have recently bought a laptop from the company, you may have noticed that you’ve been getting many popups on just about every website you visit. This is because Lenovo has been shipping laptops with the malaware that not only gives you more ads, but also makes your laptop more vulnerable to hackers. The adware is an add-on that undermines basic security protocols.

Customers started seeing this well into 2014, and began to complain to Lenovo. Lenovo said that “user feed back was not positive,” and promised that they “will not preload this software in the future.” They have disabled the feature now, and have essentially killed the program on everyone’s computers.

Though the program has now essentially disappeared, Lenovo has been charged with accusations of injecting “smutty pictures” of onto a San Diego woman’s web browser on her Yoga Laptop.

The suit has become of class-action status, including those who bought Lenovo laptops as long ago as January of 2012. The suit claims that Lenovo has violated the California Invasion of Privacy Act, the Federal Wiretap Act, and the California Trespass and Unfair Competition statutes.

43 models were affected, including it’s Flex, E-,G-,S-,U-,Y-, and Z- series laptops, Miix, and Yoga ultrabooks. The company said that “the relationship with Superfish is not financially significant; [their] goal was to enhance the experience for users.” They also said that the program didn’t monitor user behavior or record user information.

Though the adware itself doesn’t pose a threat to user laptops, it still makes it easier someone on the same network as you to intercept your emails and passwords.

If you want to delete the Superfish adware on your laptop, visit http://support.lenovo.com/en/product_security/superfish_uninstall.


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