How to Spend Your Spring Break

By Anusha Natarajan

Since spring break is coming up and you have no ideas how to spend your spring break or you aren’t going out of town or going around Arizona….here are some ideas on how to enjoy your spring break

1. Ostrich Festival– The Ostrich Festival is from March 13-15 and is located at the Tumbleweed Park in Chandler. There are many enjoyable activities such as ostrich racing, tiger talks, and get to meet Laura Marano from Disney Channel’s TV series Austin and Ally.


2. Going to the Movies.  Many movies are coming out during out spring break and it would be great to check them out. One of the movies that are coming is Disney’s Cinderella.


3. Go Hiking. If you want to something recreational and to view Arizona’s majestic mountains, hiking is the best choice for you. The temperatures outside will be normal ,not too sunny or windy. There are many trails you could take based on the difficulty.


4. Visit Lake Havasu City. This is one of the best cities to spend your spring break. There are many opportunities for sight-seeing. You can visit the London bridge and many famous light houses. There is also the famous beach which is located near the London bridge.


5. Go Fishing.  This is an amazing activity to try for people who haven’t been fishing before, but you must have a license. There are many types of fish you could fish for…but it depends on what location you are in.



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