Creepy Urban Legends That are Actually True

By Sneha Rajagopal

We all know a few scary stories that are too good to be true. But are they? Read more to find out…….

1. The Body in the Mattress

Legend: A couple stayed in a hotel and kept on complaining because they smelled a foul odor in the bed. In the morning, an employee came inside the room, and flipped the bed and saw a dead body in the mattress.

When it happened: It happened several times in Pasadena, Atlantic City, and Fort Lauderdale.

2. The Halloween Stunt Gone Wrong

Legend: Have you heard the legend where the kid “pretends ” to hang himself in order to make Halloween creepier, but ends up dead?

When it happened: In 2001, A 14-year old boy tried to make the haunted house a little creepier, so he tried to pretend hang himself but failed miserably. People saw that he was struggling, but they thought it was part of the stunt, and didn’t help him.

3. Dead Body Rolled In The Carpet

Legend: We’ve all watched movies with a dead body in a carpet, but have we actually seen this happen?

When it happened: A group of college students did. They found the carpet and they took it in order to spruce their dorm room a bit. But when they opened the carpet, they found something that didn’t really fit with their theme!

4. Buried Alive

Legend: Well, everybody should know how this legend goes if they’ve watched enough movies.

When it happened:  A man who decided that his fiancée wasn’t pretty enough for him decided to bury her. So he and his friend hit her on the head and started to bury her in the ground. Fortunately, she was just unconscious and he was good at picking at jewelry. She cut herself out from the rope with the diamond engagement ring and dug herself out. Ladies, make sure your future fiancée gives you a big sharp ring!

5. Cropsey

Legend: A mental institution patient sneaks out and goes suburban homes, hides under the bed, and murders children.

When it happened:  Andre Rand was not a patient, but actually an employee at an mental institution that was closed . Worse, right? But he was charged with being serial child killer.

6. Pit Of Fire

Legend: A man marries a beautiful, sweet woman only to find out that she was a she-devil.

When it happened: A man and a woman married but spent most of their first year away from each other due to work. When they finally saw each other the woman doused her husband in gasoline and set him on fire while he was in the bathtub. If she’s not a she-devil, I don’t konw what she is…




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