Color Blind? No, Just the Dress

by Anisha Agarwal and Nita Kulkarni

Everyone has been crazy  over the new picture of “the dress.” So many people have that this dress has gone viral in the past week! The argument whether this dress is blue and black or white and gold is flooding into almost all the computers of the U.S.

So, here’s the story of how it started: Two friends, Sarah Weichel and Caitlin McNeill, were talking on the phone when Caitlin posted the picture of the dress she would be wearing to her friend’s wedding on Tumblr. She thought something was different when her mom sent her the now-famous photo. The bride posted it on Facebook, and everyone started a debate on the color of the dress.

So, why do some people see it as black and blue when others see it as white and gold? It depends on how many blue cones you have in your eyes. If you don’t have many blue cones in your eyes, you will see it as white and gold. However, if you do have a lot of blue cones in your eyes, you will see the dress as blue. Also, it depends on what type of lighting you see it in. If you think you see it in morning daylight, you will see white and gold, but if you imagine it more in the shade, your eyes will see it as blue.

We asked some students what color he/she saw when he/she looked at the dress. Here are the results:

pie dress

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