Are You A Lover of Words?

By Isha Chakraborty

Do you ever spend hours pouring into the dictionary to locate the words to express your heart’s desires?

If not, I suggest you do so soon because you are really missing out. Words have the capability of expressing much more that facial expressions or actions could ever do.

Amazingly, yet not surprisingly, there is actually a word to describe those who love words: a logophile. Ah yes, a logophile would be one who could spend hours upon hours pouring over the dictionary to embrace its depth and intricate definitions for each and every word imaginable. Whether you prefer Oxford or Merriam-Webster, one or the other is going to accomplish the job!

Here comes a word that many of you will probably will not be familiar with: synesthesia. Synesthesia happens to be one of the most fascinating neurological conditions there can be. For synesthesiacs, a color is not a color like red, blue, or green; instead, it can only be tasted, heard, and smelled.  For example, green could be perceived as  envy or peanut butter even.

I think it’s the perfect time to learn ten new words that are my personal favorites and try to determine what synesthiacs would think of them.

Numero uno on my list is intransigent: unwilling or refusing to change one’s views or to agree about something.

Some of my other favorites are loquacious, surreptitious, epiphany, denouement.

Assuming I was a synesthesiac, I think that loquacious would most likely signify the sound of a door opening, just because loquacious is someone who talks a lot and could introduce you to new things which could be a door opening to a new opportunity.

I’m hoping that after you read this article, you will develop your love for words because everyone has the love for them deep down. Synesthesaics provide a new outlook on the world using their enhanced senses.






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