Educator of the Month

By Anisha Agarwal and Brandon Musick

He may seem scary if you don’t know him (or if you miss your layups), but Coach/Professor/Mr. Smith has one of the biggest hearts of any teacher you will ever find. An ardent supporter of APUSH, World History (WHAP), and art and film, he dedicates almost every minute he can to his students and Money (and Homer, too). While his constant sport references and use of the words “galvanize” and “microcosm” may trigger feelings of déjà vu, the dedication and diligence of Mr. Smith is always reflected in his work (and, unfortunately, in his tests).

Last night, Mr. Smith was honored during the pregame show for the Suns – Thunder NBA game (a win for the Suns, by the way) with the Educator of the Month award for February. Presented with the honor after being nominated by one of his students, Mr. Smith will definitely be happy enough to take everyone’s AP history exams for them (right?). A great achievement, being teacher of the month will allow Mr. Smith to brag to his students and demand their utmost attention to his excellence. The honoring of one of BASIS Chandler’s teachers really shows the school’s dedication to excellence, and really lets all of the students appreciate the commitment that Mr. Smith gives to them.

This is not Mr. Smith’s first time winning any sort of coaching/teaching award. Last year, Mr. Smith was presented with Coach of the Year by AZCAA for boys’ varsity basketball. Mr. Smith’s undying passion for his students is reflected heavily in his work and care for their well-being. While the awards may be a nice bonus to his slew of achievements, Mr. Smith is definitely most committed to his students, which makes all the difference.

So if you see Mr. Smith, be sure to congratulate him for his award. He may seem scary (don’t miss your layups), but he won’t yell at you too much, just make sure you know a little pop culture. Congratulations Mr. Smith, keep up the good work!

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