Strangest Phobias

by: Ishraaq Shams

1. Heliophobia- Fear of the sun/sunlight. People with this phobia have a serious problem because they will lack the essential vitamin D. This phobia may have originated from a severe sunburn from a past experience or something else from the sun.

2. Barophobia- Fear of gravity. This is the fear that gravity might crush them, or it might cease to exist and everyone will float away. People with this phobia also have the fear of falling because gravity is involved.

3. Cromophobia- Fear of colors. While this fear is rare, colors can trigger hormonal responses and psychological reactions.

4. Chronophobia- This fear, common in the elderly, prison inmates, and people with extreme stress and anxiety, is the fear of time passing. They feel that time is going to fast and hard to make sense of because it is hard to keep up to other people.

5. Haphephobia- Fear of being touched. Some people develop this phobia at birth, some have it from a bad experience, and some gets it over time. One victim of this described being touched as something that “burns like fire.” Symptoms of this phobia include discomfort, nausea, panic, numbness, and breathlessness.

6. Pedophobia- Fear of children or infants. People with pedophobia are scared of children because of their capabilities to annoy and cause trouble to the person.

7. Deipnophobia- Fear of dinner parties. With this fear, all dinner parties are a no-no. This may have been triggered at an early age, but the causes are not entirely known. Maybe something embarrassing happened in the past which makes all other dinner parties in the future terrifying.

8. Ablutophobia- Fear of bathing, or cleaning. This fear is surprisingly more common in women and children than in men, but this fear mostly goes away in children over time. Symptoms include a rapid heartbeat, feeling of panic, etc.

9. Philophobia- Fear of love. This fear may have been originated from a past lover or religious beliefs that prohibits love. It can affect a person’s quality of life and pushes them away from commitment for anything.

10. Panphobia- Fear of everything. This is the persistent dread that something unknown and evil will come from somewhere, so they panic that everything where something evil can hide.

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