Fashion + Beauty + Confidence!

By Bhumika Phanindra

Hey guys! This week I’m starting a spring collection of outfits you could try. I’m just going to put together a cute outfit that highlights our up coming spring season.

Let’s get started!

Outfit: Spring hasn’t officially started and it is a bit chilly outside, but it is now okay to start wearing shorts or skirts. If your not a shorts or skirt person you can still rock a cute top and and adorable pair of jeans.

1. p4wiqf-i

So I am currently obsessed with this type of shorts. The solid colors look great with a printed or floral top and vice versa. There are these really cute lace shorts like these if you want to go a bit formal and wear a solid color top with a thin belt to go with. skater-skirt-wear-style-and-have-a-different-look-41

Skater skirts or any type of short skirts are in right now. I especially like this light shade of baby pink. Its kind of hard to figure out a top to wear with a skater skirt. Solid top an a sold skater skirt would look a little awkward and plain. If it were a printed skirt, a solid top would look totally great. On a solid skirt, print, stripes, polka dots, or lace (my favorite) would totally work.



Since spring is starting and flowers are blooming, floral print is in. The model above wears a cute light blue chambray and floral printed pants. This look is great for those of you who don’t like to wear shorts or skirts or even if you feel like wearing pants one day.

I hope you like the outfits I put together this week, and remember this is just a gist of what is coming up for the next few weeks. See you guys next week!….(:

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