Top 5 Mario Games

by Joseph Aboudi

This list is just my opinion. (Except for number 1) Lets get started!

5- Super Mario Galaxy: This game not only remains a classic on the Wii, but has also created the idea of 3D and fully functional gravity in a game. All of the different planets were great to explore, and all the boss fights were pretty fun and original. This game was pretty easy, but had  a couple of rage-inducing levels.

4- Super Mario  Luigi U: This was Luigi’s game, and this game was by far the hardest Nintendo game of all time, if not the hardest game of all time. Half of the levels look like a rom-hack, and it is so “impossibru” even the guy from the meme would cry.

3- Super Mario World: Now I’m going to the originals. Who didn’t like this game? The appearance of Yoshi for the first time added lots to the Mario franchise. Also, some parts had a little bit of difficulty, which added a lot to the game itself.

2- The Original Super Mario Bros.- I have to give some love to the classics. There is only one more Mario game I respect than this classic.

1- SUPER MARIO 64- I only know a couple of people who don’t love this game as much as they love the graphics on Mario Kart 8.(And that’s just because Mario Kart 8 has the 2nd best graphics of all time) However, some of the additions in the DS version were likeable, while some of the additions were annoying. However, I love every level of this game to bits(Except for Haze Maze Cave)

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