The Ancient Debate: Cats vs. Dogs

By Michael Ford

Ever since animals were domesticated, a debate has been raging between pet owners about two types of pets: Cats and Dogs. While in recent years other pets have become popular, such as lizards, birds, and fish, but cats and dogs were among the first, and the ones owned by the most people. And so I have come to settle the old score once and for all. Scoring them on loyalty, hunting, maintenance, cuteness, and playfulness, I will decide the answer to the answer to a debate as ancient as domestication itself.



Loyalty is arguably the most important aspect of a pet for a pet to have. A loyal pet will stay by your side through thick and thin, through the hard parts and the easy parts, out of their pure devotion and love for you. Now is the time to decide. Cats have a good claim on this one, woman-and-catbecause (For  most cats) no matter how far you let them roam, they will always come back to you eventually. Even though they have the choice to go out into the big wide world, they make the choice every day to remain with you. However, dogs never leave in the first place while cats do their own thing who-knows-where, dogs stay by your side the entire time.  Dogs will follow you around the house, and whimper if separated from you. That is why this round is going to the dogs.



Back in the days when these creatures were first domesticated, their main purpose was hunting. Dogs were used for animals like deer and other mammals, while cats were used to keep unwanted rodents out of their owner’s house. And although it may not be the most important  characteristic now, it still was very important back then. Dogs are very well-known for hunting, with hounds being used for hunting animals like deer and boar. hunting_dogThey were used for tracking, hunting, and scaring animals out of brush they might be hiding in. They also apply some of those abilities in herding other animals like sheep or cows. Dogs still enjoy chasing squirrels and other rodents today, although if they do manage to corner one, they generally don’t know what to do with it. Cats, however, will often chase mice, birds, and other small mammals, and kill them if they get the chance, oftentimes even bringing them to their owners as proof of their kill. That is why I feel that cats are the best hunters, at least in our day and age.



While this is not the most important aspect of a pet, it is still a very important one. A pet that leaves a huge mess in your house is going to be a pain to own, and will definitely knock it down on its cuteness factor a couple of points. Cats can cause quite a mess, with some having a bad habit of knocking things over,  ripping curtains and kitten-litter-trainigscraping furniture . There is also the aforementioned problem of dragging various dead animals into the house, and a fairly constant need to have their litter box cleaned. However, these often pale in comparison to the mess a dog can make. If a dog isn’t trained to go outside from a young age, they can leave many a stinky mess on the carpet. An owner also has to deal with shedding, chewing, and bringing mud into the house, just to name a few. Since some cats spend a lot of time outside doing their own thing, and dogs have a larger arsenal of mess-making abilities, the cats win this round.



One of the most important things a pet can have is a whole lot of being adorable. Whether it be cute eyes, soft fur, or a cute sound, a cute animal can bring you endless fun and happiness. However, which is cuter? Puppies are often regarded as extremely cute, with their large eyes and fluffy fur. They make adorable little yips and growls, playing with each other and doing other adorable things. However, once they
grow up, dogs loose a lot of their cuteness. They become tired and spend more time sleeping then playing around. Kittens are also regarded as cute and playful, but not quite as cute as puppies. The one thing that gives them an edge is the longevity of their cuteness, often looking very similar to the way they did as kittens. However, I feel that the short burst of pure cuteness that dogs have as puppies outweighs the lifetime of a cat’s mediocre cuteness. This round is going to the dogs.



Finally, the thing that makes a pet the most fun is their playfulness. A cat can be very playful at times, always up for climbing on a structure or playing with a mouse toy. They’ll swat at hanging objects and chase laser lights. they’ll leap across gaps in furniture and jump on their favorite chairs. Cats certainly can be a lot of fun. Dogs, however, can be fun to. From fetch to frisbee to belly rubs, There is always something fun to do with dogs. When it comes to activities to do with a pet, both have infinite options. I suppose it comes down to which is more willing to play often, as to provide hours of the fun with its owner. That’s why I’m giving this round to the dogs.

Dogs: 3

Cats: 2



Now this is in

no way meant to be official or taken seriously. This is just my opinion, and I’m sure with a different writer or scoring system, the outcome could be drastically changed. Now the choice is yours to decide which pet you think should have one. If you strongly disagree, leave a rage comment below, but please leave a suggestion of next week as well, because I’m all out of ideas.




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