Teacher or Stranger?

By Isha Chakraborty

On February 16, a ”teacher” in Riverside Elementary, Michigan entered her classroom to embark on a new day of learning. As the day went by, the teacher was said to be in the corner of a classroom ” not doing anything. ”

As to their suspicions, the children quickly informed the principal that something was awry. Shortly after, the principal came in to ask for the adult’s identifications; he realized that they were nonexistent. The women started to become upset, and the principal called the police and got her arrested.

Later, we learned that this lady was impersonating her mother, and when her mother was brought in to the station, the police found out that she was in on this immoral act and only partook in it for the money.

As parents commented, it is next to impossible to even check on their own children in the classroom, but this random stranger is allowed to be in the room with their respective child all day.

This is not only unsafe, but unethical because it is to be assumed that the school would have a better security system than this. Is this what we should be sending our children to in later years? Riverside Elementary states that they do not know if they can improve this system, but some sort of change will occur to make the school as safe and secure as possible.


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