5 Tips on How To Pamper your Pooch

By Arya Chethikattil


You love your pooch, your pooch loves you, so why not pamper your furry, little boo? Your dog deserves it with their endless love for you, after all, they are Mans’ best friend! But dogs are different, sometimes what we think is relaxing is boring to dogs. Below are some tips on how to pamper your pooch!

1.Give them work to do! Dogs love having work to do; it makes them feel special! You can give them actual work like training them to get the phone when it rings, or you can give them little things to do. For my dog, Dancer, I strapped a backpack on her and made her run around. It’s good exercise for them and they love it. Give your dog a treat at the end as a reward.

2.Hide their treats! Dogs love scavenging treats and toys with their installed GPS A.K.A. their snout. They love tracking scents, and you can even leave a path. I used to hide Dancer’s toys in the sandbox for her to find, and she would dig up her toys and get SO happy.

3.Dogs love being with you! Whether it’s getting a tummy rub or a jog around the neighborhood, your dog would go anywhere with you. Take your dog on walks, you both can get exercise. Play fetch, or give them a squeaky toy!

4.Dogs don’t like being annoyed! Dogs don’t like hugs, they like cuddling, but not hugs, especially tight hugs. They don’t like it when you use lots of words with them, they read body language. Don’t keep a tight leash when walking them, let them sniff around and explore! When meeting a new dog, it’s important that you DO NOT look at them in the eyes, instead kneel down to their level and just hold out your hand for them to sniff.

5.Keep them healthy! This is probably obvious, but it’s important to keep them healthy. A healthy dog is a happy dog. take them to the vet regularily and make sure their vaccinations are up to date. Give them baths, and brush their teeth… cause they can get pretty stinky! Make sure they are not overweight, and give them exercise!


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