A Loner’s Guide to Surviving Valentine’s Day

By Sanjana Shenoy and Isha Chakraborty

If you don’t have someone special to spend this Valentine’s Day with, fear not little one; the answer to all your problems is probably NETFLIX. Like seriously though, who needs a girlfriend or boyfriend when you can sit at home in your comfy bed with food and a big ol’ blanket, having a netflix movie marathon.

If Netflix isn’t an option, you can always have a major dance party by yourself and jam out to your favorite tunes after you do your homework of course. If you’re all out of ideas for the perfect song to party with, the radio is always a good option to stay updated on the latest songs and such.

If you’re anything like us, then you’ll probably be wanting to wear all black, but we can fight the urge together and not be envious of other people’s relationships. In fact, we think that everyone should wear red, pink, or white and not be partypoopers for all the happy people.

Maybe you don’t want to be completely alone on V Day, so there’s always the ever popular option of interacting with real people and just hanging out with your friends and discuss the latest gossip. If you are spending quality time with your best chummies (don’t even know if that’s a word…oops), then make sure to stay in the moment and enjoy your last Valentine’s Day as a loner because we believe in you; you will have a loverpants next year.

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