Cutest Valentine Messages

By: Nita Kulkarni and Anusha Natarajan

Valentine’s Day is coming up very soon and if you have no idea what to write in a card or what to text, here are some ideas on what to write 🙂

1. “Love is too weak a word for what I feel for you. One life is too small a time to express how madly I am in love with you.”

2. ” I thank my life; because it gave me you….I love my life because you are a part of it.”

3. “If staying in your heart is a prison, I would accept to be sentenced for life.”

4.”If you ask me how much I love you, count the stars! It is as countless and endless as they are!”


5.”My days seem to be as dark as night without you. Your love brings sunlight to my heart. You’re my sweetheart.”

6. “True love is difficult to find, great to have, easy to lose, but hard to forget. I love you forever.”

7.”When I think of you, roses of red grow in my heart. Every time I see you smile, they bloom and make me happy.”

8. “When you come to me with your hair all messed up, I love you. When you come to me with chocolate all over your lips, I love you. When you crack silly jokes with me, I love you. I love you because you join me in my weirdness. Thanks for being my silly soul mate. Love you forever!”


9.”You are as warm as sunshine. As sweet as sugar, as beautiful as flower, as pure as my love for you. I love you!”

10. “You are the sun in my days, the moon in my nights, the waves in my ocean, and the life in my life”


11. “Every time I see you, I feel a little flame in my heart that lights up, because… I LOVE YOU!”

12.”If you ask me how long will I love you, I just have one thing to say, past, present, and future, and each and every day .”


13.” I have seen angels in the sky, I have seen snowfall in July, I have seen stars falling apart, but I haven’t seen anyone like you.”

14. ” Falling in love is like looking at the stars. If you pick one out of the billions and stare at it long enough all the others will melt away.”





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