8 Crazy World Records Nobody In Their Right Minds Would Set

Lebron James set a goal to become the best basketball player in the world. Usain Bolt ran every day to become the fastest man alive. But people also set goals that are not as …good.

1. Largest Shoe- I don’t know what the point is for making this because it can fit approximately 30 people inside.

2. Most Straws Stuffed in Mouth- This man managed to stuff 400 straws in his mouth. I wonder why he did this, like did he just see a bundle of straws and say “I bet I can stuff all of those in my mouth.”

3. Largest Mohawk- It took three cans of hairspray, 1 large bottle of gel and 15 years for Japanese designer Kazuhiro Watanabe to grow the largest Mohawk at 3 feet and 8.6 inches. I bet he has a hard time walking through a doorway.

4. Largest Sandwich- In 2004, Mexico City put up a sandwich weighed about 3,178 kg.

5. Most Violins Played at the Same Time- Ukrainian Oleksandr Bozhyk played four violins at the same time to break the world record in 2012. I don’t know why but he just did.

6. Largest Drum Set- Dr. Mark Temprano owns a drum set consisting of 340 drum pieces. Whats the point of this when you can’t even use most of the pieces?

7. Most Rattlesnake Bathed with- I for one would stay away from any snake, But Jackie Bibby had the guts to have 87 snakes on him for 45 whole minutes. I would pass out within the first minute.

8. Most Toilet Seats Broken With Head- Why?— That’s my only question. Kevin Shelly set a record of breaking 46 toilet seats. He probably saw a toilet seat and bet his friend he could break it.


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