Top 5 Superbowl Commercials

By: Vaisha N.

If you are a Seahawks fan, you may not have gotten the ending you wanted, but I know you still enjoyed the timeless Superbowl ads. Though many may be inappropriate (but still hilarious), some are the most watched ads of all time. If you were unable to watch all of these, here our some of the funniest ads (in my opinion) you might enjoy.

1. Doritos

2. Dead Battery

A lot of things can happen when you phone battery dies. This commercial is wholeheartedly accurate on the pain we feel when our battery runs low.

3. Coca Cola

Does Coca Cola make you happy? Well it seems that it can change the world into a happier place. 🙂

4. Weight Watchers

This ad is very tempting. It shows us what our world has turned into due to food. In one of my previous posts you will find ways to lose weight. Its not as hard as you think.

5.  Jurassic World

This is one of my favorites, because its not a commercial, its a trailer. Chris Pratt has landed himself in a major role once again for the upcoming movie, Jurassic World. On June 12, this summer, this thrilling movie will be released to the wild.

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