Top 10 Movie Battles

By Andrew Thran

These are going to be historical battles only. No stupid sci-fi battles. Some will have a video, but not all because some are quite gruesome, so if you want to see the battle, watch the movie or look it up on youtube or something.

10. Battle Rorke’s Drift (Zulu) – This Battle is depicted in the movie “Zulu”. The battle is the only one where the British suffer a defeat to the Zulu forces.

9. Barbarian attack (Gladiator) – In the opening of the movie “Gladiator”, this shows a quick defeat of a Barbarian forces by Romans led by the skilled general Maximus.


8. Battle of Mogadishu (Black Hawk Down) – This heart pounding battle in the movie “Black Hawk Down” depicts the military failure to attempt to capture a warlord’s lieutenant who seized control of the city Mogadishu.


7. Tank vs. SS Battalion (Fury) – This battle is at the end of the movie when the tank hits a mine and it breaks the track, disabling the tank. Then they are attacked by entire SS Battalion. The outcome of this battle is inevitable so it is very nerve racking seeing how long the tank will last. Before the battle there was a quick confrontation with a German tank witch shows actual tank strategy.


6. Parachute Drop (A Bridge to Far)- In this spectacular battle, 10,000 allied soldiers are dropped to succure major bridges. This shows the miltiary disaster unfold.


5. Americans vs. English (The Patriot) – In this battle, the Americans fight the British. That’s about it, but it’s cool though.

maxresdefault (1)

4. Attack on Hidetora Castle (Ran) – This movie made by a Japanese director, shows amazing usage of color and music.


3. English vs. Scots (Braveheart) – In this battle, the brave Scots are led by William Wallace, who through good strategy had one the battle humiliating the English.


2. Helicopter Attack (Apocalypse Now) – This battle wound just be a regular battle, but they play Flight of the Valcaries to energize the soldiers and scare the locals.

Honorable Mentions

– Attack on Pearl Harbor (Tora! Tora! Tora!)

– Battle of Stalingrad (Enemy at the Gates)

– U.S. vs. Vietnam (We Were Soldiers)

– Battle of Troy (Troy)

– The Battle of Gallipoli (Gallipoli)

1. D-Day(Saving Private Ryan) – This battle shows the gruesome horrors of war. It depicts the flawed military victory of D-Day on the Omaha beach.


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