Thank You and Goodbye

By Asha Devineni

Today is the last day that the 2015 class of BASIS Chandler seniors will roam the hallways seeking a class or a club meeting. From horsing around in the hallways to completing exams in the gym, over the past four years, we’ve created a plethora of the typical high school memories. However, what sets us apart is our atypical early goodbye. Graduation isn’t until the end of May, but we will be walking out of these doors today–Friday, February 6th.

Most of the “R15E ABOVE” class will be going on to do their Senior Research Projects at prestigious placements for the next three months. In May, we will return to school as students for one last time to present our research in a symposium.

Although most of the senior class is excited to be leaving, the entire experience is definitely bittersweet. Moving on to the next big step, to conduct research and work with professionals, will teach us a lot about the “real world.” Nevertheless, we will probably reminisce about the little moments in the classroom among teachers and friends.

The BASIS Chandler community has really come together this year, from the family picnic to the language fair to the recent homecoming weekend extravaganza. Bobcat pride is stronger than ever, and the class of ’15 is proud to have been part of all the wonderful moments.

Thank you for reading and supporting the BASIS Bugle. Peace.

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