S.U.V. on Railroad Tracks Hit by Crowded Train

By Luz Zamudio

The deadliest crash in the history of the railroad took place this Tuesday at the height of the evening rush. The crowded Metro-North train passing through Westchester County, New York crashed into an S.U.V. on the train tracks, killing the driver of the vehicle and six people on the train due to a massive explosion resulting from the collision which consumed the vehicle and the first car of the train.

The S.U.V., a black Jeep Cherokee, was hit at about 6:30 in the afternoon. The reasons for the car being there are still unknown. It does seem, however, that the driver tried to cross the tracks at an inappropriate time and therefore became trapped between the crossing gates. There is much evidence to support this conclusion, but, we cannot ,unfortunately, know the true nature of the events because of the aforementioned death of the driver.

The car was stopped on the tracks and the gates were down when it was hit by the train, causing a fiery explosion with brutal results. Many were injured in addition to the 7th deaths. The surviving passengers of the train were left temporarily stranded in the cold before being evacuated out the back and provided shelter at a local rock-climbing gym. Action to aid the injured was quickly taken and they were transported to local hospitals. The results were as shown on the image above.

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