Dos and Don’ts for Valentines Day

By Amrutha Chethikattil

Valentine’s day is either the most loved or the most hated holiday, especially for those of us who feel especially lonely come February 14th. But even if you’re coupled, there’s still a lot of space to mess up here. Read on to avoid some common pitfalls people tend to fall into on Valentine’s Day.

-Do remember. Please do remember or otherwise you may  be in big trouble. Mark the day on your calender in big letters, set an alarm, get your mom to remind you- whatever works.

– Don’t do the same thing you did last year. This is for those of us that have been with their partner longer. It’s easy to be repetitive, but you won’t get any bonus points for doing so. Find something new and original to show you still care. This is often more important than people think.

-Do be realistic. Take into account what your partner likes to do when planning your perfect evening. Not everyone likes a fancy restaurant setting but many won’t be pleased with take-out food and a movie marathon. But make sure it’s clear that you put time and effort into planning it out. This can be especially tricky if this is your first Valentine’s day with your partner.

– Don’t do anything too pricey for first timers. You’ll just get upset if you don’t feel like your efforts have been reciprocated. Plus, anything over the top may set overly high expectations for years to come. But don’t expect your partner to be happy with something that looks like you put no time or effort into. Find a comfortable middle ground.

-Do order/ buy/ make the present early so you have more time to return/redo it if necessary. Buying a last minute present is a terrible idea unless your item has to be bought right before. Plus you have more time to wrap it up and make it look pretty.

– Don’t buy something overly generic. It sounds easy to stick to a box of chocolates and a stuffed bear, but chances are your partner will want this day to be memorable. Stick to something personal and sweet rather than basic and pricey.

– Do make sure you know whether or not your partner is actually interested in celebrating this holiday. This might be the trickiest. More often than not, “don’t buy me a present” translates to literally the exact opposite. But there are often times when the situation doesn’t accommodate for a fancy evening and pricey present, so find some other way to make the day special.

– Don’t do nothing. If your partner has expressed that they don’t want a present, find some other way to make the day memorable even in the slightest. Or otherwise, you run the risk of hearing about it for years (if it all works out) to come.

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