Super Bowl XLIX

by Ishaaon Sivansh

This Sunday, a clash of the titans begins. Super Bowl XLIX kicks off with the defending Super Bowl champions playing against a perennial Super Bowl contender. The Seattle Seahawks rediscovered the magic that brought them to the Super Bowl last year late in the season, swarming opposing quarterbacks and outrunning opposing defenses. The New England Patriots found their way to quarterback Tom Brady’s sixth Super Bowl appearance. They utilized a combination of a diverse running game, along with Coach Bill Belichick’s methodical offense, and a consistent offense. The Patriots’ recent blowout of the Colts gives many people reason to believe they can take down Russell Wilson and Seattle. However, Wilson and the Seattle defense have a stellar record against good quarterbacks. The paragon of this consistency is Seattle’s blowout victory over Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII. As both teams are Number 1 seeds in their respective conferences, the game could come down to the wire. Either way, enjoy your Sunday and root for your favorite team!

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