New Bath and Body Works Fragrances

By Nita Kulkarni and Anusha Natarajan

With the conclusion the semi-annual sale, Bath and Body Works has introduced numerous new fragrances for spring 2015! There are a variety of scents including the aroma of coconuts and the citrus gardens in California.

1. Cool Amazon Rain –  A mix of cool, soothing bamboo and dazzling star fruit, this fragrance will take you to the enchanting Amazon River.

cool amazon rain

2. Lush Pink DragonFruit–  A sweet blend of desirable dragon fruit and fierce forest plum, this fruity fragrance will transport you to a deep rainforest.

lush pink dragonfruit

3. Fresh Brazil Citrus– A sun-drenched fusion of fresh citrus and vibrant pineapple, the tropical paradise will blow you away.


4. A Thousand Wishes – The jubilant mixture of dazzling champagne, almond crème, and luminous peonies will make you wish a thousand wishes 🙂 This fragrance is part of the Signature Collection.


5. Wild Madagascar Vanilla– “Intoxicity,” which is how the website worded this aroma, is defined as eye-popping and exciting. This exciting Madagascar vanilla stratified with African pear, lush jasmine, and frosted sandalwood will send you on a luxurious passage to the island of Madagascar.


6. Cool Coconut Surf– Imagine yourself on an island with many types of tropical fruits. This lotion consists of coconut water, juicy apple, and blue cotton accord. Other notes are included such as: frozen lemon granite, and some of the dry ingredients are vanilla and musk.


7. Sweet Summer Kiss- Summer is coming up, and some of the most important ingredients used in this lotion are blushing jasmine, apricot, nectar, and driftwood. This seasonal fragrance will take you from your home to a resort with tranquility alongside the blossoming lilies.

sweet summer kiss


8. Hello Sunshine- Whenever I think about this scent, I think about the sun shining on the sunflowers, lemons, and juicy tangerine. This aroma takes us to a tropical rainforest with fruits hanging on trees.


9. Sunset by the Pool- A poolside refreshment with a fusion of white peach, glamorous passion fruit, and sun-warmed woods. Two of the most essential ingredients are grapefruit and apricot.


10. Endless Weekend- A weekend full of joy and never-ending days with a combination of raspberry lychee, sun-kissed magnolia, and vanilla sandalwood will make you dream you are on a blissful picnic or a day out at the beach.


What do you think of these fragrances? Do you have any other suggestions? Leave a comment below!

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