Top 10 Easter Eggs in Video Games

An Easter Egg in a video game is like a hidden thing the developers put in a game for you to find. Here is my top 10 list.

10. Adventure – This is probably the original Easter Egg. Is the Atari game Adventure you can find a list of the developers names. Adventure_Easteregg

9. Halo 3 – This Easter Egg is a family of Apes on a cliff on the first mission.


8. Witcher 2 – This one is called the leap of failure, a mocking of the Assassins Creed leap of faith, which is where the assassin jumps of a building into a cart full of hay. This shows the assassin fallen on a broken cart.



7. Max Payne – This one is called rats with guns. In this Easter Egg, if you throw grenades in a hole in a  wall, a bunch of rats with guns come out.



6. Grand Theft Auto 4 – The GTA series is riddled with many Easter Eggs like the No County for Old Men, but the one I choose is the Heart inside of the statue of liberty in GTA 4.


5. Saints Row 2 – This Easter Egg is also in Saints Row 3, and it is hilarious. To get this Easter Egg, you have to drive of into the water with a boat and do some stuff, then you get it.



4. Batman Arkham – In this Easter Egg, you can blow up a wall and find a bunch of blueprints.


3. Red Faction Armageddon – Well, this one is very….interesting. In this game you can get a giant unicorn, put it on your shoulder and make it shoot rainbows out of its butt.


2. Call of Duty:Black Ops 2 – On the map Nuketown, if you shoot all the heads of the manikins in like 2 minuets or something like that you can play a bunch of retro games on the TV in the middle.


1. Just Cause 2 – If you are a fan of Lost, this Easter Egg is for you. If you find the Island it will be an almost exact replica, with the plane crash, the hatch and everything. It even has the smoke monster.


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