The State of the Union is Strong

By Luz Zamudio

This last Tuesday, January 20th, President Obama’s State of the Union Address, which took place in front of the entirety of congress in order to set legislative goals for the following year, was broadcasted to the American public in order for him to put forth his new ideas and reforms. Some of the issues he discussed include economics, immigration, minimum wage, education, climate change, childcare, and taxes on the wealthy to provide for all his projects. He addressed all of these with great boldness and confidence although it appears that his goals might be overly-optimistic since most of these policy proposals stand little chance of actually becoming a law. However, we certainly do hope he is able to pass some of these policies since they can be of great benefit to our country and the American people.

In economics and immigration, he mostly centered around what policies have already been passed and going forth with these projects. For economics, our recovery from the great recession was a focal point. For immigration, our most current reforms in hopes of keeping families together and providing citizenship to those who are in want of it and have all the characteristics required to acquire it.

Climate change has been an ongoing issue and we are being constantly reminded of its ongoing presence and our role in this gradual destruction of the only planet we have. Obama assured us that he would do whatever was in his hands to do something about global warming and hopefully come up with methods to help reduce or eliminate our dangerously altered weather patterns.

The taxes he plans to raise to the top 1% will be used to make up for the money used for child care, education, and raising minimum wage. He addressed women’s rights and presented the proposal for free childcare. His education reformation idea is to provide 2 free years of community college nation-wide. Additionally, he has plans to raise the minimum wage from $7.25 per hour to $10.10 per hour making it easier for people of low-paying jobs to sustain themselves.

Overall, his aspirations seem to be on quite the agreeable side of the American people. The only opposition he seems to face is that from Congress itself; however, it is unlikely they will make any real efforts to stop these proposals from becoming a part of our lives due to the high number of citizens who are on our President’s side. It will take time, as all lawmaking does, but hopefully we will be seeing some change in the years to come. The last two years of Obama’s presidency have been cut out and carefully planned, giving Americans new hopes for the year to come since, as our president announced, the state of the union is strong.

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