Music Video- Song Lyrics Mismatch

by Ishraaq Shams

When we try to decipher a song just by its lyrics, we usually think of a broad topic, but when we watch the music video, our whole interpretation changes. The song suddenly becomes something we did not expect. The songs listed below are some of the many where the meaning of the music video does not match with the song.

1. Radioactive- Imagine Dragon

Imagine Dragon’s hit song, “Radioactive,” is about stress and anxiety when there is an awakening, or a “revolution,” going on. But the music video is completely different with various stuffed animals fighting for their owner’s amusement.

2. Don’t- Ed Sheeran

“Don’t” by Ed Sheeran is about a woman he met who later abandoned him, but the music video totally ruined the point. The whole video shows a dancing man who steals clothes from people richer than him. The music video and the song together was a bit off, so I recommend watching the music video muted. But I agree that dude dances really well.

3. Dark Horse- Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s  song, “Dark Horse,” is about her warning to people to not fall in love with her. There are many references of that in the music video, but if someone hear the song first, he/she will never guess an ancient Egypt theme.

4. Titanium- David Guetta Feat. Sia

The lyrics in David Guetta’s “Titanium” is about good empowerment, but the music video shows a kid unlocking special abilities when the police try to capture him because he is too dangerous to roam free after the terrible incident at the boy’s school.

5. In the End- Linkin Park

Honestly, this song is one of my favorites when “in the end, it doesn’t even matter.” This song was stuck in my head for a long time, but the music video wasn’t that addicting since all they did was sing on the top of a monument.

6. Payphone- Maroon 5 feat. Wiz Khalifa

In this music video, a payphone does show up, but the rest does not make sense. At the beginning, Adam Levine starts singing in a payphone after a big explosion, and the flashback begins. Levine most likely works in a bank when a robbery takes place. He somehow escapes and steals a car, and therefore all the cops chase him. At the same time, Wiz Khalifa comes out of nowhere and raps a verse. Maroon 5 simply overdid the video.

7. Cups (When I’m Gone) – Anna Kendrick

I expected the music video to be Anna Kendrick leaving a man for a journey, but apparently it’s about a worker in a restaurant who sings to her boss and customers about getting some days off while they all do the cups beat. No one would have expected that.

8. Pompeii- Bastille

This song is most likely based off of the volcano that erupted in the city Pompeii, which explains the lyrics of the whole song when actually thinking about it. In the video, people randomly turn into zombie-like people with pitch-black eyes, and the lead singer of Bastille tries to escape them, but in the end, he becomes one of them too.

These music videos are only a few of the many that don’t follow the song lyrics, so please feel free to add some more in the comments, and keep reading the BASIS Bugle!

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