Microsoft Trying to Gain Traction with Augmented Reality

By Asad Jamal

It’s a pretty well known fact that Microsoft hasn’t been getting the numbers they would hope for in their devices.

In fact, the Windows 8 and 8.1 Updates were busts. The company’s Xbox One Gaming Console has been outsold around 2:1 against the Playstation 4. Microsoft’s new tablets and computer systems have not been performing well in sales either.

So, what is Microsoft going to do to get itself back in the game?

“They are gonna reinvent the PC.” This is what people said a while back, and it seems as if Microsoft wants people to say it again with their newest addition to the Microsoft Family

The HoloLens Augmented Reality headset.

The headset features See-Through Lens, Spatial Sound, Advanced Sensors, Holographic Processing, and many other components to make consumers capable of “burning a hole through a table, just to see how lava would flow differently,” according to Microsoft.

HoloLens will allow users to interact with holographic images. This will enable users to play video games, build 3D models, hold video conferences, and do so much more.

In the Microsoft 10 event, Microsoft showed off the many uses of the device. In one instance, the device allowed a user to play the massively popular game Minecraft, which was recently bought by Microsoft.

Another instance showed how NASA will be using the device to view panoramic pictures of mars and to conduct experiments. These two examples in particular are on opposite sides of the spectrum as one is Entertaining while the other is Scientific.

Although Microsoft has shown the many uses that come along with Virtual Reality, they are entering a very crowded room with companies like Sony, Facebook, Google, and others. Microsoft has to really think outside the box if they are going to beat these other major companies.


Now, the question awaits. Can Microsoft win THIS war?

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