How to Upcycle

By: Vaisha Nair

Up-cycling is a fun and creative way to re-use your clothes, shoes, toys, and many other things. Lots of your old clothes can be transformed into brand new gorgeous outfits. Here our some quick, easy, and unique ways to save money and wear the latest trends.

1. Denim Bracelet

Do you have old jeans and no younger siblings? Then your old jeans will make perfect bracelets. Cut some of the denim and wrap it around a few slim bangles. After you have wrapped them neatly, tie some string or wire around the outside to keep the bangles together tightly, and to give them a chic look.

2. Globe Bowl

Who needs the other side of the world? Cut a globe that you no longer want in half, right down the equator. Add anything you like to the inside of the globe and you instantly have a beautiful and nerdy decorative piece. To add a little more creativity, make the items in the bowl change according to seasons. This way in the winter the bowl will hold things such fake snowflakes and Christmas ornaments, and in Autumn it can hold pine cones and colorful leaves.Globe-Bowl

3. T-shirt Pillows

I bet you have a shirt or sweater that your Great Aunt Edna got you that you just don’t want to wear. Turn it into a pillow cover! Simply pull the t-shirt over the pillow and cut the sleeves off, then stitch up all of the holes. Add a button in the center for some pizazz.T-Shirt-Pillows

4. Soup Can Container

Take an old soup can and turn it into a tooth brush or make up holder. Clean the can until you can see your reflection in it. Then decorate the outside with beads, buttons, or just some colorful glitter. Make sure to use hot or super glue, this way the decorations won’t come off.

5. Cheese Grater Earring Stand

Earring stands can be really expensive, but this one won’t be. Paint an old cheese grater any color you like and then hang your earrings or jewelry on them. It’s as simple as that!Cheese-Grater-Earring-Stand

I hope you try out these upcycling ideas soon, and post them to your social media! For more crafts, just visit upcycling sites or blogs online .

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