CW’s Midseason Premiere Extravaganza

by Sneha Rajagopal


1. Arrow

In the midseason finale, we witnessed Ra’s ah Ghul stabbing Oliver right in middle of his stomach and Oliver falling to his death. We see Oliver being dragged by someone, which is probably is his long ago friend, Maseo. The show runner, Mark, tells us that Felicity is going to have a little bit of a bond and déjà vu with other characters in the show. Ray and Felicity will have a little bit of chemistry while Oliver is gone and she will also bond with Laurel for the first time. Diggle will experience some pain and loss and we’ll experience more of the Arsenal’s(Roy) side now. At the end of the episode, we see Oliver alive, but with Maseo and Tatsu.


This is Felicity's serious face.
This is Felicity’s serious face.


2. Flash

As we see in this midseason premiere, Barry Allen is one determined fellow. We see the Flash battle against Captain Cold and Heatwave( the ones that Cisco beautifully made). He also battles with his feelings for Iris but he’s not as bummed about it because Iris is a bit more awkward about it than he is. She loves Eddie but she’s too afraid to admit that she has always had feelings for Barry. I have faith that Barry will get to Reverse Flash, even if he is closer than we think. P.S. I think that Caitlin and Barry are the perfect pair. I’m itching for a love triangle!


Barry Allen and Iris West
Captain Cold and Heatwave


3. Jane The Virgin

Golden Globe winning actress Gina Rodriguez acts in this comedy- filled show.  Now, let’s move on. After Alba gets pushed down by Petra’s mother, she immediately goes to the hospital and is in stable condition. Jane and Xo worry that people will find out that Alba is an illegal immigrant. Jane tells all sorrows to Michael accidentally and he saves the day.  In the Solano house, Rafael is to take care of his father’s business while he goes and visits Rafael’s grandmother. Meanwhile, Rose goes and visits Luisa. and things get a little heated.  To find out how, watch this award-winning TV series.


4.  The Vampire Diaries

While Elena is being held by Kai, Jo is having her own problems. Jo is starting to get ready for her merging ceremony with Kai with Alaric and Liv. Unfortunately, things don’t go the way they seem. Damon and Jo go and save Elena from Kai and tie Kai up. At the same time, Caroline and Stefan both go together to North Carolina to find a cure for Sheriff Forbes. But, Stefan also has other reasons to go to North Carolina ( Sarah Nelson/Salvatore ** Cough Cough**), but Enzo steps in his way. At the end of the episode, Caroline feeds her mom vampire blood to cure her brain tumor, but she doesn’t know that vampire blood will kill her mother sooner. Overall, this episode is one of the most peaceful episodes in The Vampire Diaries. I loved the Steroline and Delena moment in this episode.


Danger: Kai on the loose! Approach with Caution. Never mind, run!!
Danger: Kai on the loose! Approach with Caution. Never mind, run!!

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