TV Shows to Say Goodbye to in 2015

Its 2015, and while that means we get to say hi to a fresh wave of music, tv, and movies, it also means we have to say goodbye to loved ones as well. Here’s just a few of the tv shows we are sure to miss after 2015.

1. Parks and Recreation                                                                                    Spawned from the same creators as the beloved “Office”, “Parks and Recreation” is on its last season (7) since January 13. It has often been praised for its insight on the political battlefield and we cant wait to see how that will be taken one step further with Leslie’s new position. We hope all the characters develop and reach their potentials by the end of the show. Season 6 wrapped up with a big jump into the future, now the irony comes that they need to wrap it all up just as quickly.

2. Glee                                                                                                                On its 6th season, we all anticipate the characters to go through major development and fulfill their goals.  Watch out- there’s said to be a surprise twist by the end.

3. The Late Show with David Letterman                                                        We will all dearly miss David Letterman and his mature wit, having been around since 1993. Stephan Colbert will be taking over and hopefully be able to fill his shoes.

4. Justified                                                                                                          Its official. The sixth season of Justified will be its last. Landgraf was already hesitant to accept another season. No one knows for sure what’s going to happen after the previous cliffhanger and we hope Raylan brings the mob boss to justice.


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