Most Delicious Ice Cream Flavors

by Anusha Natarajan and Nita Kulkarni

Even though it’s winter, everyone finds a little time to eat some ice cream. From classics to intricate concoctions, ice cream always seems to bring a little joy. We asked people which ice cream flavor they liked the most.

10. Pistachio Ice Cream– Pistachio ice cream is made with pistachio nuts and other flavors. It is often green (it might not sound too delicious, but it really is) with a layer of Italian spumoni. Did  you know that once the Queen of Sheba declared pistachios an exclusively royal food?


9. Cherry Ice Cream- You’ve heard of putting a cherry on top of your ice cream, but cherry ice cream is just as delicious. Cherry ice cream is a creamy layer of cherry with bits of fruit inside. It’s perfect for any time of day or night of the week.



8. Mango Ice Cream– I personally LOVE mangoes. If you are in love with them too, you will probably like mango ice cream. Now, I’m not trying to be a businesswoman, but who can resist the creamy and delicious taste mangoes in the form of a favorite dessert?mangoice craem

7. Rocky Road Ice Cream– Many people asked us for a description of Rocky Road and what it contained, so here’s your answer: though there are many variations, the typical composition contains chocolate ice cream, nuts, and marshmallows.


6. Coffee Ice Cream– Although I am just in 8th grade, we all know that Starbucks is the best! Turn one of their Holiday Specials into an ice cream, and I’ll gladly buy 10 buckets. Come on, who wouldn’t love a Gingerbread Latte Ice Cream?


5.  Vanilla Ice Cream– If you don’t like any other flavors, you should pick vanilla because it has an original taste. It’s  ranked the #1 flavor in America. Vanilla was first used by the Aztecs, and it was introduced to the U.S. by Thomas Jefferson.

vanilla ice cream

4.  Strawberry Ice Cream– One of the flavors of the Neapolitan, strawberry ice cream was first served at the inauguration of James Madison. Did you know there is a National Strawberry Ice Cream Day on the 15th of January?

strawberry ice cream

3. Chocolate Ice Cream-  The first chocolate ice cream was created in Naples, Italy. This flavor became extremely popular in the late 19th century.  Chocolate ice cream is one of the top 5 flavors of ice cream in the U.S.

chocolate icecream

2. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream- Did you know in areas such as Minnesota and Wisconsin, people call mint chocolate chip ice cream  “peppermint bon bons”? This ice cream is created with mint cream, which is just water mixed with mint leaves.


mint ice

1.  Cookie Dough Ice Cream- Created in 1984, this flavor is one of the best selling products of Ben and Jerry Ice Cream. It comes in many flavors; one of the most popular is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.