Character Recap on Super Smash Bros. Universe Part 2

By Joseph Aboudi and Michael Ford.

Alright, lets get this party started! If you didn’t already read part 1 read that first, and this has the same format as the last one.

Lil’ Mac: Lil’ Mac is extremely fast and extremely powerful. Able to charge across the stage at breakneck speeds and deliver a deadly uppercut on impact, the only way to stand a chance against little Mac is in the air. However, on Omega stages, that can prove to be quite a challenge, making Little Mac the reining champion of for Glory battles.

Fox: Fox is very similar to the last game, and keeps his camping strategy. He is annoying. Lose the laser gun man!

Falco: Falco= Fox. Cased closed.

Pikachu: Pikachu combines speed with attacks of physical and special to create one best of smash brothers.

Charizard: Charizard is almost too slow to compete, but if you give him the time to attack, you’ll go flying across the screen.

Lucario: Lucario possesses a phenomenal ground game, with long reaching attacks and grabs and a projectile that goes clear across the stage. All of Lucario’s attacks grow stronger as he takes damage, so a good player can turn the entire game around.

Jigglypuff: Don’t take this pink puffball into the air, she’ll take you out in a split second, but also beware of sleeping puffs.( I have warned you)

Greninj: Greninja has great speed, aerial, and ground game, so beware of this newly included fighter whether it is from final destination to mushroomy kingdom.

Duck Hunt: While Duck Hunt is not gifted with any extraordinary abilities, but he does gain an advantage in his sheer unpredictability. With an arsenal of weird hitboxes and strange timing, Duck Hunt keeps an opposing player on their toes.

R.O.B.: This robot possesses some great grabs, and boasts good reach and powerful specials. In the air, his great recovery and powerful meteor smash make him a force to be reckoned with.

Ness: One of the most projectile heavy characters, Ness is powerful at a distance, but can be quickly taken out in close combat. In the air, a weak recovery makes him easy to take out, leading to an easy KO.

Captain Falcon: Falcon PUNCH!!! Captain Falcon is very similar to Ganondorf in the special attack category. However, in comparison to Ganon, the Captain favors speed over power, with faster attacks and running speed.

Animal Crossing Villager: While his unusual attacks give him an edge in combat, Villager possesses few other stand-out characteristics. With a decent recovery, decent specials, and a decent aerial game, Villager is just that-decent.

Wii Fit Trainer: The Wii Fit trainer is strongest in aeiral combat, but also possesses a set of powerful smash attacks and specials. A notable characteristic is the large hitboxes of her smash attacks, making them extremely difficult to dodge.

Dr. Mario: Go re-read Mario’s section except this guy has pills!

Dark Pit: More or less, Dark Pit and Pit are the same character in the end, so that was a little bit of a let down.

Lucina: Lucina is practically the same as Marth, but like Captain Falcon, favors power over speed, with faster specials and melee attacks.

Shulk: On his own, Shulk has few redeeming abilities, other than good range and a decent counter. However, add in the ability to raise his attack, speed, jump, and defense, you have a force to be reckoned with, if you are able to change modes in the middle of a battle.

Pac-Man: While difficult to launch and fairly quick, Pac-Man  isn’t very special, and long periods of start of lag render many attacks difficult to perform.

Mega-Man: Projectiles are his key, along with a surprisingly powerful recovery, and people will mix in a couple of physical moves in the mix.

Sonic: Speed speed speed. How you always make or break a character, how this is the most under rated stat in the game, Sonic keeps himself in the middle of the pack with one stat. Speed.

Mii Fighters: Mii Fighters allow a player to customize a character to fit their play style. Since each person is different, these are very difficult to judge. However, it is recommended to select attacks and abilities similar to other characters that you play as.

No matter what characters you use or how you use them, Super Smash Bros is still a great game and can provide hours of fun and excitement. Please comment with your favorite characters, and what you do with them in the heat of battle.

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