BASIS Chandler’s First Homecoming Game

By Michael Ford and Adithy Hassan

BASIS history was made January 9, 2015, when our first ever homecoming game was played at the Gym of First United Methodist Church in Mesa. In a game against BASIS Phoenix, Chandler pulled out all the stops, bringing the Mascot, a pep band, and a horde of cheering fans. The night kicked off with the entrance of the Girls Varsity basketball team onto the court, accompanied by a fanfare from the pep band. DSC00621 - Copy
A close game ensued, neither team pulling ahead very far before the other caught up. After an intense first half, halftime came around, and Baron Von Bobcat threw T-shirts into the crowd, further raising team spirit.  Although they suffered a loss at their first homecoming game against BASIS Phoenix last Friday, we couldn’t be more proud of how far they’ve gotten since their first game against ASU Prep.

DSC00585 - Copy With a great decrease in the number of turnovers and harder passes, they played the best game they’ve played this season, regardless of the numbers on the scoreboard. 3 points (15-18) away up to 3 seconds left, a few seemed to lose hope, but with the numerous amount of support from the bleachers and their teal pom-poms, they never seized to give up.  Tears and all, they say they’re ready to convert their sadness into a sweet win in their next game. “It’s not about whether you get knocked down, its whether you get back up.”-Vince Lombardi


After a 30 minute break, the boys’ team came out onto the court for their game. For the first half, the game was extremely close, both teams generally within two points of each other. With a jaw-dropping tied score of 17-17 at half-time, the crowd was anxious for the next half, but not too anxious to get excited for the next special event. The homecoming court was crowned during halftime, and more T-shirts

DSC00830(2) were thrown to the fans. Finally, in the final half, the Bobcats began to pull ahead of Scottsdale, causing the excitement of the crowd to skyrocket even higher. In the 4th quarter, the boy’s Varsity team managed to bring home a well-deserved win at 34-24 due to their successful free throws, aggressive defense, and turnovers!

Thank you to everyone who showed their support to all of our school’s teams! Till next week, XOXO Adithy.

How did you feel about the game? Please leave your opinion in the comments, and don’t forget to leave your idea for articles I could write next week, because I’m still out of ideas.



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