Top 8 New Year’s Resolutions

By Vaisha Nair

1. Lose Weight

I know some of you may think losing a few pounds is hard, but it really isn’t. Eat healthy by keeping the amount of food you eat daily at a minimum, and make sure the food is good for you. Eating foods like fruits and vegetables will really help. Also make sure to exercise daily. Simply taking a walk or riding your bike for thirty minutes each day can help you reach your goal.

2. Stay Organized

Keeping things organized is a big problem for BASIS students, I would know. Lots of papers can lead to crowding problems. Try to seperate your things using folders and taking initiative to organize small things daily.

3.  Save Money

Saving money might seem complicated, but really it just takes some practice in resisting. Keep a nominal amount of money in a bank account, and slowly it will grow to a likable amount. Also don’t waste your earnings on things you will lose interest in later.

4. Live happily

I’ve had many complaints come to me about living happily. Even though you may have too much homework and stress, take the time to do something fun once in a while. Different ways to relieve yourself can be by hanging with friends, reading a book, taking a nap, or even just eating a snack.

5. Learn something fun

Yes, I’m talking to you, BASIS students. Looking at random fun facts on our website can really lighten your mood. Just type something you want to know into your search engine and read about it. You can really learn a lot by doing this.

6. Help others achieve their dreams

Motivate people by pushing them to do better everyday. Persistent urging may help them. Never let them down, because this could really attack them in a negative way.

7. Fall in love

Make a move, don’t be afraid of that special someone. Homecoming is this Saturday for upper school, take the chance. Don’t let that fear hold you back.

8.  Spend more time with family

Last but not least is spending more time with the fam. Though you may be busy with school and extracurriculars, don’t hesitate to go somewhere and do something with the ones that love you the most. It can actually be fun.

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