Things You Didn’t Know About Candy Canes

By: Anusha Natarajan and Nita Kulkarni

The holiday season is here! Everyone knows that candy canes are crucial this time of year, but how much do you know about their history? Did you know that candy canes originated in Cologne, Germany? Prepare to be amazed…

1.  The original candy canes were straight and completely white.

2.  The person who created the striped candy cane is unknown.

3.  During the 1900s, candy-makers combined  peppermint green and wintergreen flavors in the candy canes.

4. The red and white stripes symbolizes Christ’s blood and purity.

5.  A Catholic priest created a machine for the production of candy canes.

6. The candy cane was made into the shape of a “J” to symbolize the name of Jesus.


7. National Candy Cane Day is celebrated in the United States on December 26th.

8. Candy canes are the #1 selling non-chocolate candies sold in the month of December.

9. The world’s largest candy cane was made in 2011, and it was 51 feet long.

10. Candy canes were first hung on candy canes.

11. Over 1.7 billion candy canes are made each year world.

1wide2. Candy canes can also be used for toppings on desserts or as an extra addition in hot chocolate. That’s right, a candy cane stirrer 😉

13.  The red and white stripes were added around the 1900s.



14. The first candy cane was created in 1672 by a choirmaster.

15. The first candy cane was unbendable.

16. The typical flavor for a candy cane is peppermint, but there are many other flavors, including raspberry, green apple, and cherry.


17. Candy cane production at Disneyland Park has been a tradition for more than 30 years.

18. The candy cane was first introduced in the U.S. by a German-Swedish immigrant named August Imgrad.

19. Gregory Kelley made a machine that could make many candy canes at the same time.

20. Corn syrup is one of the ingredients used to make candy canes.

21. Candy canes were believed to have been a religious emblem for early Christians.

22.Gwen Stefani dyed her hair red and white(candy cane colors)

23. They were first known as a peppermint stick.


24. The first candy cane that appeared on a Christmas tree was in Ohio.

25.  Candy canes haves only 50 calories.

What is your favorite type of candy cane? Let us know in the comments below! Happy Holidays!






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