The Problem With Betas And Pre-orders

By: Andrew Thran

A Beta is a playable version of a game given to people before the game is released. This is so people can give feedback to the developers so they can make the game better. Minecraft is a great example of doing the Betas right. You could pay money to play the game while it was still in Beta and once you bought it you don’t have to buy it again when it is released. Not all games are like this though. Sometimes games become endless Betas like DayZ. Well Dayz is actually worse it is only it Alpha, which means it is just begun development. The problem is since so many people are buying it and they probably are making a huge profit so they have no incentive to make the game any better. So now if you buy DayZ it is super glitchy and almost unplayable. It is probably going to be like this for a long time because it took them almost two years just to add a glitched truck which barely works.

Now even worse than endless Betas, Pre-Orders. You may be wondering what is wrong with Pre-Orders. Well, like Betas, they started out with good intent but greedy companies find ways to exploit it. Well when pre-orders started out they were so if you really wanted a game and you couldn’t be at Gamestop or wherever you go when the game is released you could pre-order it, so if it sold out, the store would still have a copy of the game reserved for you. The problem now is pre-ordering has gotten so popular that the game can already make a profit before is even released. So now the company has no reason to try to make the game any good.Now, they just have to make a good trailer and be good at advertising. You can see now this is starting to look like the Betas. Some perfect examples are Battlefield 4 and The Master Chief Collection. Both, when released, were broken and barely worked. Over time though, they did fix the games, but still that is not acceptable. If you what to fix pre-orders then just don’t buy them. If you don’t, the company will get less money so they will actually put some effort into the game.

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