Paris in Panic After Daytime Attack

by Brandon Musick

In football, there is a saying that when interceptions come, they come in bunches. Well this also seems to hold true for the worldwide violence in the past month. The Australia hostage incident, the Peshawar shooting, and now a terrorist attack in The City of Lights.

Nighttime pictures of the Eiffel Tower are the least of the French authorities’ worries after the death of multiple french citizens and the taking of two hostages. This attack is suspected to be connected to an attack a few days prior in which twelve people were killed after Muslim radicals were angered by published images of the prophet Muhammed in the publication of Charlie Hebdo. Hundreds of French security officers backed a band of ambulances in an effort to arrest the suspected men.

According to Fox News, “two people were reportedly dead in connection with a separate hostage situation in a kosher grocery on the east side of Paris, where a gunman armed with AK-47s was believed to be holding as many as five hostages, including women and children. The gunman in that case is believed to be the same person who shot a Paris policewoman on Thursday.”

The Associated Press reported that at least three helicopters were seen over the town in which the suspects had taken a person as hostage. At Charles de Gaulle airport, two runways were closed to arrivals to prevent interfering in the standoff, but were later reopened. Schools reportedly were put into lockdown.

Fox News reports that “earlier Friday, a French security official told the AP that shots were fired as the suspects stole a car in the town of Montagny Sainte Felicite in the early morning hours. French officials told Fox News that the suspects threw the car’s driver out at the side of the road. The driver, who recognized the suspects, then called police and alerted them to the suspects’ whereabouts.”

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