Marking Up To Your New Year Resolutions

By Adithy Hassan
“Whatever happened over this past year, be thankful for where it has brought you. Where you are is where you were meant to be.”-Anonymous
I hope everyone had a great winter break! Feel free to comment below the activities that took place during your break(:
I went to Florida this year and while I was shopping for a few clothing essentials (since the weather turned out to be the total opposite of what I expected) in a local Target, this woman approached me. I was quite confused as to why she grabbed my attention when I was deeply involved in the items I was scouring the aisles for. She asked me for fashion advice as to which colors matched a certain cheetah print dress as she attempted to persuade her daughter to purchase this item for an upcoming event. In the end, I believe she bought the pair of pants I suggested and left me with a spark of joy even though she most likely didn’t know I ran my own blog.
Well since it’s the beginning of a brand new year and most of us have promised ourselves many out-of-the-box resolutions yet again,  I’m here to help you keep your promises by transferring those strenuous tasks into smaller goals in order to finally be able to reach them successfully.
Inspiration board:
I’m aware that I’ve talked about this idea before in one of my previous articles, but when it comes to these inspiration boards, you can never go wrong. Waking up to a collage of pictures every morning can keep you motivated and willing to work for your goal every single day. A visual of your greatest aspirations can lift the stress of dealing with a bigger goal by adding a fun component to reaching your dreams. I have dedicated a complete wall in my bedroom to hold my favorite quotes that inspire me everyday.
Find a role model:
 Whether you’re trying to lose weight or become more confident, there are plenty of role models out there that can help guide you through achieving your goals by relating to the actions they have taken to get to where they are today.  The people you look up to don’t have to be on the cover of every magazine. Your parents, teachers, coaches, siblings, or even friends can aid in directing you towards the right path. Don’t live in fear of accepting help (That’s one thing I can definitely improve on myself.)
Stay organized:
If you know me personally, this is definitely my favorite step. There’s something about getting to break down my biggest obstacles into smaller tasks that fills me with a feeling of accomplishment after getting the opportunity to check off a box with a simple tick mark. Keeping lists and being able to check of a task is a reward in itself. By simply staying clutter free can reduce stress and help you focus on the matter at hand as well. Along with making lists, adding certain deadlines for certain activities can limit the amount of time wasted during procrastinating. I highly suggest using a planner as well to record your progress in conquering your goals. For those of you who attend a school with a mandatory planner, like a Communication Journal, can aid in keeping track of tasks that need to be completed in and out of school.
Reward yourself:
Incentives to work harder never displease. A simple indulgence of your favorite piece of chocolate (unless your goal is to lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle then try to steer clear of these sudden cravings) or a gold sticker (like you were awarded as a kid) can motivate you to keep at your goal and not give up. In between studying, I take a few breaks focusing on working on my article for that week or a personal piece of writing- I get both tasks done easier since I have a period of time between the two.
Believe in yourself:
This is the most imperative step to following through with your dreams. The only thing that could possibly restrain you from reaching your highest potential is you, so don’t stand in your own way.
I hope you fulfill all of your New Year’s resolutions this year and I wish you good luck. Till next week, XOXO Adithy.

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