Best Of Jimmy Fallon

By: Tejas Singh and Ishraaq Shams

Having over 5 million subscribers on YouTube, Jimmy Fallon runs the Late Night Show on NBC. Many celebrities, such as Adam Levine, Justin Timberlake, and Dwayne Johnson, come to Jimmy’s talk show to promote their new albums or movies and to have fun with Jimmy. Sometimes the activities become out of hand and most of the time it’s hilarious. These videos listed below are in no particular order.

1. Morgan Freeman Chats with Jimmy While Sucking Helium

Morgan Freeman, with his amazing voice, appeared on Jimmy’s show to promote his Science Show, Through The Wormhole With Morgan Freeman, while they inhaled helium out of balloons to make Morgan’s voice sound high pitched.

2. Wheel of Musical Impressions with Adam Levine

Adam Levine and Jimmy play a friendly game of random musical impressions, where they have to sing a random song with a random celebrity voice. It turns out Adam is a pro at this, while Jimmy got stuck with Iggy Azelea singing Old MacDonald Had a Farm, but his impressions are hilariously amazing.

 3. Jimmy Fallon & Rashida Jones Sing Holiday Parodies of Ariana Grande, Sam Smith, Nicki Minaj

Jimmy Fallon and Rashida Jones sing holiday-themed parodies of the years biggest hit songs. The original songs follow as “Stay With Me,” “Turn Down For What,” “Wiggle,” “Anaconda,” “Bang Bang,” “Let It Go,” and “Fireball”.

4. Hashtags: #MyDumbFight

Jimmy Fallon reads his favorite tweets with #MyDumbFight. With Higgins making the hilarious comments on the side, this Hashtag episode is one of the best.

5. Ryan Lewis Asks Music Fans About Ryan Lewis

Ryan Lewis asks hip-hop fans what they know about Ryan Lewis – except they don’t realize they’re talking to the ACTUAL Ryan Lewis.

6. 5-Second Summaries with Andy Samburg

Jimmy Fallon and Andy Samburg get five seconds on the clock to summarize movie plots to get each other to guess the title. To keep the audience on their toes, Jimmy puts three seconds on the clock instead of five. Later, the time reduces to one second. Will they be able to summarize quick enough?

 7. Jimmy and Kevin Hart ride a Roller Coaster

Before their interview, Jimmy and Kevin Hart ride a roller coaster called the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit in Universal Studios. In the line, an employee tries to forbid Kevin from going on the ride because of his height, but Kevin rages and moves on in the line. Kevin is worried when he gets to the front of the line and tries to go back, but Jimmy and he end up in front of the roller coaster. Just when they were about to get out of the roller coaster, Jimmy compelled Kevin to ride once more.

8. Lip Sync Battle with Emma Stone

Jimmy challenges Emma Stone to a lip sing battle, where they picked two songs each to lip sing to promote the movie, The Amazing Spiderman 2. Emma uses “All I Do Is Win” and “Stone” while Jimmy chooses to lip-sing “Fancy” and  “Mr. Roboto.” Emma clearly dominated Jimmy with those fast lyrics.

9. “Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing” (w/ Jimmy Fallon & Will Smith)

Will Smith and Jimmy perform the history of hip-hop dancing with Stanky Legg and Soulja Boy’s “Crank That” and much more in an extremely funny way. Watch for yourself!

10. Jimmy’s “Ew!” Topped Nick Jonas’ “Jealous” Debut

In an interview, Jimmy talks to Nick Jonas about his lack of knowledge of movies after a trivia a while back when Nick Jonas left every movie question unanswered, so Jimmy gives him the movies as a gift in his interview. That was probably the happiest thing that happened to Nick Jonas when he figured out that Jimmy’s “Ew!” feat. topped his hit song “Jealous.” “Jealous” was in tenth place on the Billboard Charts, and Jimmy’s “ew!” surprisingly came out in first. Even if Jimmy was happy for Nick, it seemed like he was taunting him in every way he could.

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