What to Expect from Jurassic World


by Michael Ford

On June 11, 1993, Steven Speilberg released Jurassic Park, and movies would never be the same again. Using a combination of groundbreaking CGI and good ol’ practical animatronics, the movie was the first to bring realistic, lifelike dinosaurs to the cinema screen. The movie was such a success that they made two more movies in attempt to increase profits, but neither even came close to the greatness of their predecessor. Now, we have a fourth movie scheduled for release in June 2015, and feelings are mixed. A lot of people think that this movie may redeem the beloved franchise from the two disappointing sequels. Others feel like this is just another cash grab that will submerge Jurassic Park in yet another layer of disappointing sequels. And that’s why I’m here. Using a combination of trailer info, rumors, and my own thoughts on the matter, I will tell you what to expect from Jurassic World.

If you haven’t seen the trailer, I suggest you watch it now because everything I say will make a lot more sense.

(DISCLAIMER:The following clip is a trailer for a movie that will likely be rated PG-13. The trailer contains dramatic content, thematic elements, minor blood, and big scary dinosaurs.)

The Setting

jurassic world
The gates of Jurassic World


From the trailer, and a couple of interviews, we know that Jurassic World will likely take place about 25 years about after the events of Jurassic Park III.  In this time, the park is finally up and running, and seems to be a combination of Disneyland, a zoo, and Seaworld. The park is completely packed with people, all strolling around casually, seemingly relaxed while surrounded by dinosaurs that have ripped people in half in past movies. All this gives the perfect impression of the calm before the storm. Everything is going well, so it won’t be long before something terrible happens. It has also been confirmed that this movie will take place on Isla Nublar, the same island  from the first movie.

Concept art of Isla Nublar, which has been turned into a theme park


The Plot

Much about the plot can be figured out from the trailer. Here’s what I came up with: The park has been established and is up and running, and is very popular. However, the guests are becoming bored. They want something more. So the park scientists decide to create a new hybrid dinosaur, and it breaks loose. After that, it begins to terrorize the island, destroying everything in its path, and in the middle of it, the hundreds of people at the park. After that, the two main characters will need to track it down and subdue it.  How they will subdue it is unknown. After seeing the after-trailer footage of Chris Pratt riding with raptors on a motorcycle, some people think that he is teaming up with them to take down the hybrid. I personally think that would be awesome. However, I beleive that he is most likely freeing them from their cages so that they can escape the wrath of the hybrid, and they are simply not attacking him because they are too busy running from the new dinosaur.

Chris Pratt rides with velociraptor, who do not seem to be attacking him.


The Characters

The two main protagonists, played by Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, discover a tooth from the hybrid embedded in a park tour vehicle


Nobody from the original cast is returning. We now have an entirely new cast, with Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard seeming to be the films protagonists, and probably will get the most screen time and the biggest impact on the plot. Chris Pratt’s character, Owen is likely to be a rather rugged, Indiana Jones type character. He will probably be a dinosaur trainer or keeper of some sort, although the genetic hybrid seems like a surprise to him. Bryce Dallas Howard seems to be playing Claire, a scientist, and quite possibly the one who decided to create the hybrid. Taking responsibility for it, she will team up with Owen to save the park from the dinosaur, although it probably doesn’t go so well, because by the end of the trailer she’s screaming among some rubble, having completely lost all composure she had towards the beginning. Finally, we see two children, played by Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson. Based on the trailer, they will play key parts in the plot, but might not have the same importance as the older characters.

The film’s young protagonists, played by Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson


The Action

A mosasaurs bursts out of the water in the Shamu-style show


CGI has come a long way since the first movie, promising us dinosaurs more realistic and lifelike than ever before. This makes for some great action, but it might not all be in perilous conditions. We see a lot of cool things in the park in the trailer,such as the dinosaur river ride, the gyrosphere tours, and most importantly, the Seaworld style show. It looks like some of our action scenes might be carried out while everything  is perfectly fine, but it will still be very cool to see. It also wouldn’t be a Jurassic Park movie without a dinosaur chase, so we will most likely have some of those in the movie, as the characters try to save themselves from the hybrid. Finally, we have the aforementioned Riding with Raptors clip, so there will most likely be an extended version in the movie. There are also  promises of some awesome action scenes as dinosaurs rampage through the park, destroying everything  in their  path. This could be cool because in its rampage, the dinosaur might release other dinosaurs, which would give some awesome action as a variety of dinosaurs interact with each other in new and dynamic ways. Most importantly, however, is our new dinosaur that we were promised. There have been numerous “leaks” and rumors, but no official dinosaur is confirmed. We don’t see anything of it except its legs in the trailer, but they seem to be very large and powerful, suggesting a large dinosaur. My best guess is that it will be very much like a T-rex, but will be smart like a raptor and may have horns. It might also have a long snout like a Spinosaurus, but again, nothing is confirmed.

“Leaked” concept art for the new hybrid dinosaur


What’s your opinion on Jurassic World? Please leave your opinion in our fancy not-so-new poll system, and please give me your opinion for some other articles I could write!


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